Years ago, gamers saw the biggest wave of leaks through Walmart Canada. It now seems like there is a new champion in town. The Microsoft Store has already leaked screenshots, trailers, and release dates for multiple new games including Crysis Remake, Mafia Remake Trilogy, Star Wars Squadrons and more. Just an hour ago, Microsoft made another leak come true.

We now know that Yakuza Like A Dragon will be releasing on November 12/13th, depending on your region. Multiple users on twitter pointed out that Microsoft accidentally put up a store page for Yakuza Like A Dragon which included the unannounced release date. You can press HERE to directly go to the page.

Source: Microsoft

Yakuza Like A Dragon did put out a trailer earlier in the day. (This one was on purpose, not accidental).

This next part is speculation of course, but is it crazy to believe that the Xbox Series X will be releasing at sometime between November 11th-19th? Xbox has the marketing rights to Assassins Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077, and Yakuza Like A Dragon which all come out during that time frame. Throw in Halo Infinite and another smaller exclusive and you have a pretty solid group of games to play at launch.

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