Time for another conspiracy theory. Now we all expect Bethesda’s library of games to make its way to Game Pass eventually. What we don’t know is when the games will start to be available. That was until today. We now know that Doom Eternal will be arriving to Game Pass soon due to a teaser by the Game Pass twitter account.

If you look at the photo you can tell they are hinting at something but it isn’t obvious until you dive a little deeper. If you look at every capital letter, it spells out “LOOK BELOW.” If you look below you don’t see anything crazy. Until you really look and see that “THE SLAYER IS COMING.” It is in super faded text so it is hard to see.

Thankfully, a user on twitter used a filter to make it easier to read.

This is perfect timing since the new story expansion will be arriving on October 20th. Game Pass users receive 10 percent off the DLC. I would expect the rest of Bethesda games to continue joining Game Pass in the following months.

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