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Madden 22 Review

Thank you to Electronic Arts for providing the early review copy for Xbox Series X. Last week, I got my hands on Madden 22 and I am finally able to […]

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Biomutant Review

Thanks To THQ Nordic for Providing An Early Review Copy What is better than becoming a ninja racoon who fights a bunch of other mutant animals in a post apocalyptic […]

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The Medium Review

Thank you to Bloober Team for providing a review copy for PC. Xbox was missing one thing when they launched their next generation consoles back in November…exclusive games. The Medium […]

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Godfall Review

Thank you to Gearbox for providing a Review Copy Like an angel falling from the heavens or a god exiled from their kingdom, Godfall’s quality plummets into the Earth with […]

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Hitman 3 Review

Thank you to IO Interactive for the review copy on Xbox Series X. The Story In Four Sentences: Hitman 3 has one of the best stories that we have seen […]

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Spiderman Miles Morales Review

Okay, I get it. This review is really late. This review got started, and then sat in my drafts because Cyberpunk 2077 kept me very distracted in the little bit […]

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League of Legends MMO Confirmed

Some companies announce their new games at big shows such as The Game Awards, E3 or PAX. Some companies announce their new games at online only events such as a […]