About two months ago, the Xbox Game Pass social media team tweeted out a teaser that Doom Eternal would be coming to their platform soon. We posted about that rumor, and it ended up being true as you can see here. Once again, they have taken to social media to tease another game and we believe that it is Control.

In the tweet above, they mention a sinister red light which is something that we see often throughout Control. I may be wrong, but I can not think of one other game that had a sinister red light in it. The other thing feeding this rumor is the fact that Phil Spencer accidentally said that Control would be coming to Game Pass when he was on a podcast a few months ago.

Control Review: Remedy Unleashed | TweakTown
Credit: TweakTown

We would expect it to be the original version of Control considering the fact that 505 Games were so cheap that they wouldn’t even give Control Ultimate Edition out to fans who bought the base game and the season pass prior to the next generation version’s release.

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