With a new wave of Telltale games on the way, its hard to not think back on what Telltale did with their take on the life of Bruce Wayne. I am going to be talking about my play through of season one on steam so I am not able to give my own perspective on the technical issues that many experienced on consoles. The story itself was well received by the most but the biggest issue was something that seems to occur in a lot of Telltale products. The dreaded illusion of choice. Spoilers Ahead!

Telltale Games

I will give some credit where it is due, there are minor changes in the story based on the choices you make like when you have to decide if Harvey Dent will have half of his face burnt off or if you will save him by sacrificing Catwoman in the process. The only problem is that the only real changes are visual. Regardless of your decision, Harvey Dent still loses his way and turns on Bruce Wayne. If you sacrifice Catwoman, she survives a gunshot wound and nothing in the story changes. You also have options to pick what location you want to go but in most cases nothing changes in the story and there is no real consequence to screwing someone over. You can run a complete peaceful play through but the police force will still give you cold shoulder after helping them. You can do everything your told to do at the media event and you will still get the same treatment as if you went off on everyone.

Telltale Games

The positive news is this: We are going to be seeing a brand new look on the Telltale games. The budget was always tight on the original Telltale games because they stopped creating their own stories and worked with companies like DC, Marvel and Microsoft who would take a significant cut of their profits. LCG Entertainment will have the opportunity to change things up which could mean that there will be games that no longer have the illusion of choice but actual choice and consequence.

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