While Microsoft has been tight lipped regarding new information about Halo Infinite, we have known for a while that more information would be coming at their July showcase. However, we now know more thanks to a popular leaker in the Funko Pop! community. This is your minor spoiler warning. The leaker who goes by the name @anerdydad has a perfect record in the past with leaking characters/devices from Avengers Infinity War, Avengers End Game, Star Wars The Mandalorian, and most recently a possible enemy for the new Marvel Eternals. The three items that have leaked are Master Chief, Mark VII, and then an alternative Mark VII with Vakara. Lets dive into what we think these items are.

  • The first one is Master Chief. There is no explanation needed for this one so lets keep on going.
  • The second listing is for Mark VII. We are assuming this could be a multiplayer spartan.
  • The third listing includes Mark VII but also something/someone called Vakara. We have a few theories regarding this one. The most logical option is that its some sort of weapon. Another option is that its an AI fragment that is similar to Cortana.

We can’t confirm any of these until either more footage releases in July or if another leak happens sooner with images. What ever option it is, things will be getting crazy for Halo fans during the next few weeks.

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