Remember back in January when we all expected to be seeing the PlayStation 5 get revealed in February? That date got pushed back so many times until we finally had an official date being June 4th. However, that got delayed in support for the Black Lives Matter protests. We now have the new date after it got leaked on a Twitch ad. We are also going to be going over some additional information on the games to expect at the show after a new leak came out.

As you were probably able to tell by the cover photo, the official PS5 reveal event date will be June 11th at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. This photo was confirmed as an authentic ad by Daniel Ahmad.

As far as what games we should expect at the show, a new leak emerged from Game Reactor confirming a few of them.

  • Demon Souls Remake is real, and being made by Bluepoint Games who remade titles like God of War Collection, Shadow of The Colossus and more. He says it’s coming for PS5 and that “you can’t compare it to what they did with SOTC” because it’s a supposedly a way bigger project. Says it’ll be showed off during the PS5 State of Play.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be revealed at the PS5 event. Doesn’t seem to have any new info besides to expect game play and a release date.
  • Resident Evil 8 started out as a spin-off, but quickly evolved into a mainline entry. Confirms the whole village-setting, and says the game will be released early 2021. “Thinks” they’ll show it off soon, either at the Sony event or at a Resident Evil exclusive event later in June.
  • Housemarque (Resogun, Stormdivers) is a finish game studio that’s now pretty much a part of Sony. They’re working on some new unannounced AAA title for the PS5.
  • Silent Hill is real as well, and confirms it’ll be shown off around the same time as Resident Evil 8. Says when Konami tried to put off the rumors back in march, they lied. Says it’s pretty far along in development and to expect it at the Sony event.

We can not wait to see what other surprises Sony has in store on June 11th!

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