The last Battlefield game set during the modern day time period was Battlefield Hardline back in March of 2015. Even that was hardly a modern day shooter considering the fact that it was basically cops vs robbers. After Battlefield games set in WWI and WWII, many fans have been begging for their games to return to present time period. It looks like that wish is going to be granted.

Back in May of 2020, an insider named Tom Henderson, who was accurate on leaks around Call of Duty Modern Warfare mentioned that Battlefield fans would be happy with the setting of the next game in a response to someone who wanted things to go back to a modern day scenario. Tom also confirmed that he was not talking about a remaster but the next main game in the series.

However, his tweets went under the radar, and not many other people in the industry confirmed or denied what he said. That all changed today. The man, the myth, and the legend confirmed it. That is right, Jeff Grubb saw a tweet that was linking a article which mentioned the original tweets. Jeff’s response was three letters and a period. “Yup.”

On top of that, Jeff confirmed that it wouldn’t be a Hardline style which is further backing the information that was given to us by Tom.

We are personally hoping for Battlefield Bad Company 3 set during the modern day but just a simple Battlefield 6 set in the Middle East is perfectly okay with us. We expect that we will get some sort of update on Battlefield directly from EA at their EA Play Live on June 18th.

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