Electronic Arts has had a wild ride with the Star Wars license. There have been way to many canceled games and a lot of controversy. However, Electronic Arts seems like they are finally turning things around. Battlefront 2 actually ended as a good game but it left many fans wanting more since a lot of characters and maps never came to the game. Fallen Order was a huge success and proved that single player games can still make money. We know that Fallen Order has a sequel on the way but another Star Wars game just got even more of a confirmation.

Credit: PlayStation Store

A few months ago, the PlayStation store leaked an image for a game showing Star Wars Maverick. Judging off the artwork and some information from insiders, fans were able to determine that it was going to be some sort of space pilot simulation game. Today, Xbox leaked artwork for a Star Wars game called Squadrons which is what Maverick turned into. Insider Jeff Grubb went on twitter to confirm a few more details about Squadrons.

  • Squadrons will feature a few hour long single player campaign
  • Squadrons will have a huge focus on multiplayer space combat
  • Squadrons will be made by EA Motive which is the team behind Battlefront II’s single player campaign
  • Squadrons will release on consoles and PC this fall
  • Squadrons should have a trailer with game play on June 18th at the EA Play event

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