Time for a good ole conspiracy theory.

Earlier in the week, insider Jeff Grubb started teasing that there would be another big reason to get game pass coming soon. I, of course, had to respond to him asking if Cyberpunk 2077 was coming to game pass (I know CD Projekt Red said it wasn’t like two months ago) and he responded saying it wouldn’t be a game.

Now he tweeted the following:

Someone responded with the following:

Ready = ea

Play = play

Combined = EA PLAY

Normally, I would say this is a major reach but Jeff Grubb and Timdog (the person who started the thread saying news is coming soon) both liked the tweet. On top of this, Jeff was a guest on the podcast SpawnWave and confirmed that these were his expectations.

We know Xbox and EA have always had a pretty solid relationship. Xbox and EA gave a free month of EA Access (Now EA Play) to all Game Pass Ultimate users back in November. Considering the fact that EA Play is only $30 for a year so I feel like it could be fit into Game Pass Ultimate. EA would benefit from this by getting financial compensation from Microsoft as well as gaining additional subscribers for EA Play Pro which is the higher tier version that gives access to their AAA games on launch day.

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